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Utenos melga, UAB

J. Basanavičiaus g. 12, 28140 Utena
(+370) 38968871
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UAB "Melga" is an international company providing automotive maintenance and repair services. The company also sells car, truck tyres, wheels and other parts. The company successfully operates in Lithuania, Latvia and Kaliningrad.Experience and values are the basis of successful operationGenuine team effort is necessary for the purpose and strategy of Melga. The objective of the company is to build strong and lasting relationships with all customers; become those to whom you always want to come back. To achieve this, there is the strategy: to meet the client's needs and offer what exceeds expectations.On the way to customer satisfaction there is a strict compliance with the values which determine strengths:Reliability. Transparent tax policy and marketing, timely fulfilment of orders and professionalism enables us to find the best solutions.
•Competence. Consistently strengthen knowledge and developed skills ensure precise sales and service process from A to Z.
•Respect. Sincere respect for the law, employees, customers and partners guarantee long-term success.
Achieving goals. Services performed flawlessly combines the goals of customers, partners and the company.


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