Tuesday, 21 October 2014
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Car repair

Buivydiškių g. 12A (Šeškinė), 07194 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52426716
garage, chassis repair, transmission repair, engine repairs, engine repairs, repair of wheels, electrical installment repair, gearbox repair, brake system repairs, engine diagnostics, exhaust repairs, damper mounting, montage of tires, balancing, starter repairs, generator repairs, wheels geometry, clutch replacement, control of lights, cooling system repairs, technical support
J. Kubiliaus g. 18 (Žirmūnai), 09108 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 61244244
Šilutės pl. 4, 91173 Klaipėda
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Phone (+370) 46380969
Jonavos g. 42, 44131 Kaunas (Affiliates)
Phone (+370) 67035039
Europos pr. 67 (Aleksotas), 46333 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37440111
toe-out; engine repairs; chassis repair; brake repairs; repair of wheels; exhaust repairs; control of lights; montage of tires; clutch replacement; aluminum welding; car inspection before purchase; chassis geometry verification; diagnostics; technical service; stainless steel welding; air conditioning refill and repair; sale of tires; automobile parts
Kalvarijų g. 125, 21 korp. (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60061111
Šv. Stepono g. 39 (Naujamiestis), 03210 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52591063
Kalvarijos g. 11, 46348 Kaunas
Phone (+370) 61020024
Islandijos pl. 131K (Eiguliai), 44001 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37337939
Gelvonų g. 2 (Šeškinė), 07149 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52405636
engine oil, additives for motor oil, oils, sale, engine diagnostics, computerized diagnostics, air, olis, fuel filters, belts, radiators, remanufacturing of sport silencers, adjustment, montage of tires (wheels), balancing, repairs, clutches, engine belts, replacement of chains, sale, automotive electrician services, toe-out, installation of alarm, electrician, of automobiles, conditioner refill, oils: Q8, ELF, LIQUI MOLY, ULTRA, TNK, ELITE, WOLF sales, refill of oil free of ...
Liepkalnio g. 83 (Naujininkai), 02120 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 62074903
Pelesos g. 1/2 (Naujininkai), 02161 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 65777474
V. A. Graičiūno g. 36 (Paneriai), 02241 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52553460
Motorų g. 14 (Naujininkai), 02190 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52136060
Ukmergės g. 427, 14185 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 70080061
car glasses, replacement of automobile glasses, truck glass, bus glass, glass gluing, original glass, auto glasses, automobile glass, automobile glass, automobile glass, car glasses, rear glasses, rear widow, cracked windows, new glass, front glass, front glass, side glass, side glass, glasses, glasses for automobiles, glass for mashines, replacement of glass, glass service, broken glass, front glass, AUDI glass, AUDI glass, BMW glass, CHEVROLET glass, CITROEN glass, CITROEN ...
Pelesos g. 1/2 (Naujininkai), 02161 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52130855
SAAB and OPEL garage, automobile maintanace, car repair, petrol engine repairs, engine repairs, computerized diagnostics, car diagnosis, major engine repairs, repair of fuel pumps, repair of spriklers, transmission repair, chassis repair, repair of gearboxes, clutch repairs, repair of axle shafts, replacement of wheel bearings, suspension repairs, computer-aided geometric angle setting, montage of tires, mounting of wheels, balancing of wheels, repair of ciditioning systems, ...
Verkių g. 30B (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52315260
tires, freight transport parts, transport parts, semi-trailer parts, trailer parts, truck parts, bus/coach parts, engines parts, breaking parts, compressors, suspension parts, chasis parts, car body parts, fuel systems, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, IVECO, injectors, glands, clutch discs, flywheels, accumulators, washers, spacers, airbags, shock absorbers, springs, brake accumulators, brake cameras, receivers, reservoirs, radiators, intercoolers, water pumps, hydro clutch, belts ...
Piliakalnio g. 13 (Pilaitė), 06229 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 63060026
Panerių g. 34 (Naujamiestis), 03209 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 61416393
automobile painting, repair of body
Partizanų g. 87A, (18 boksas), įvažiavimas pro Lanx degalinę (Dainava), 50312 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 68655313
onditioners, conditioners for automobiles, autoconditioners, ABS, CHECK, repair of electrical part, electronic repair, diesel fuel high-pressure pump electronics repair, automobile conditioners, filling, repairs, montage, air conditioners systems washing, maintenance and repair of automotive electrical part, repair and diagnostics of ijection systems, cabin ventilation and heating systems repair, repair and diagnostics: AT, ABS, AIRBAG, CHECK, aluminum welding, repair of ...
V. Sirokomlės g. 38, Nemėžis, 13260 Vilniaus r.
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Phone (+370) 64576768
garage for lorries, garage, repair of lorries, trucks repair, trucks garage, chassis repair, engine repairs, brake repairs, brake caliper repair, repair of reducing agents, clutch replacement, clutch repairs, repair of gearboxes, repair of manual gearboxes, truck parts, parts for lorries
Metalo g. 11 (Naujininkai), 02190 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 65239589
Savanorių pr. 178 (Vilkpėde), 02029 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 65508888
Pramonės g. 24, įvažiavimas iš Metalistų g., 78151 Šiauliai
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Phone (+370) 41540605
Savanorių pr. 222 (Dainava), 50197 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37460222
J. Kubiliaus g. 16 (Žirmūnai), 08236 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52747842
9-ojo Forto g. 60A (Šilainiai), 48101 Kaunas (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37758650
car repair, accumulators, shock absorbers, anticorrosive coating, manufacturing of auto parts, restxcoration, sales of spare parts, automotive interior restoration, replacement of automobile glasses, paints, painting, polishing, wash, retail trade, insurance, silencers/exhaust pipes, exhaust repairs, electronics, electronic equipment, Electrical Installation, repairs, filters, various services, car body parts, repair of body, onditioners, conditioner refill, preparation for ...
Jonavos g. 106 (Žaliakalnis), 44138 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 37301070
tires, wheel rims, discs, wheels, montage, balancing, repair of wheels, tires repair store, tires protection, garage, technical observe, oil, oils, MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, KLEBER, DUNLOP, DEBICA, KORMORAN, SHELL, ALESSIO, ARCASTING, AZ, EXTREME, TOORA, OROBICA, chassis repair, engine repairs, auto -electrician, diagnostics, toe-out, auto, Helios wheels, helium wheels, auto accessories, automobile repair store, replacement of oils, change of oil, brake repairs
157 Lt (45.47 EUR)
189 Lt (54.74 EUR)
192 Lt (55.61 EUR)
Technikos g. 3 (Petrašiūnai), 51248 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 69945094
Švitrigailos g. 40A (Naujamiestis), 03209 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52310055
diagnostics, LPG, Cylinders inspection, repairs, technical service, automobiles inspection, repair of generator, tire repair, auto gas, gas installment, gas equipment, of automobiles, gas equipment, gas installment, gas cylinders, repair of automatic gearboxes, repair of automatic transmission gearbox, of automobiles, gas equipment, of automobile gas, installment of equipment, gas equipment, gas devices, car repair, technical automobile maintenance, car technical maintenance ...
Birbynių g. 4A (Rasos), 02121 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60622608
Verkių g. 34A (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52315220
engine oil, additives for motor oil, oils, sale, engine diagnostics, computerized diagnostics, air, olis, fuel filters, belts, radiators, remanufacturing of sport silencers, adjustment, montage of tires (wheels), balancing, repairs, clutches, engine belts, replacement of chains, sale, automotive electrician services, toe-out, installation of alarm, electrician, of automobiles, conditioner refill, oils: BP, ELF, MOBILL, SHELL, CASTROL, AGIP, refill of oil free of charge, ...
J. Kubiliaus g. 23 (Žirmūnai), 01001 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52747080
repairs, sale, diesel engine diagnostics, turbines, turbochargers, turbines, turbine, sales of turbines, repair of turbines, turbocharging systems, GARRETT, MITSUBISHI, IHI, HOLSET, KKK, SCHWITZER, BORG WARNER, used turbines, repair of turbines, replacement of turbines, turbine, turbocharger, turbines, automotive turbines, AUDI A4 turbine, automotive turbines, BALL BEAR, BMW tuebine, CIVIC turbo, GARRETT, GARRETT GT, GARRETT GTI, GARRETT T25, GARRETT T28, GARRETT T3, GARRETT ...
M. Sleževičiaus g. 15 (Verkiai), 06326 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 65200070
Panerių g. 34 (Naujamiestis), 03209 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52335709
Paliūniškio g. 13, 35114 Panevėžys (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 45588577
joints, drive rods, rubber grommets, chassis parts, suspension repairs, rods restoration, restoration of joints, replacement of the bushes, computerized wheel alignment, brake system repairs, brake caliper repair, auto garage, service, garage, car repair
Verkių g. 50, 09109 Vilnius (Affiliates)
Phone (+370) 64692321
Justiniškių g. 134A (Pašilaičiai), 06142 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 61130777
Plieno g. 3-13, 95112 Klaipėda
Phone (+370) 60810001
Linkmenų g. 15 (Šnipiškės), 09300 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60645309
Jotvingių g. 2-13 (Šilainiai), 48142 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 69952053
auto -electrician, electrician, security systems, alarm systems/alarms/burglar alarms, computerized diagnostics, daytime running lamps, LED lights, car repair, navigation system, navigation, by car conversion, parking sensors, marking, certificate of insurance
Metalo g. 10 (Naujininkai), 02190 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 69846406
of automobiles, repair of body, painting of automobiles, garage, anticorrosive coating, painting, repair of car bodies, body painting, grindering, polishing, choice of paints, sale, reapiring works, control of wheel geometry, of light, of cargo automobiles, minibuses body repair, straightening, body works, repair of small dents, repair, ironing, preparation for painting, welding works, welding, welding, autogarages, of minibuses, all-terrain vehicle/ATV, repair of ...
Sudervės kelias 3 (Šeškinė), 07171 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52685566
wheel rims, wheels, used tires, new tires, retreaded tires, repair of wheels, tire repair, tire repair, gluing of tires, alloy wheels, tin rims, mounting of wheels, balancing of wheels, montage of tires, tire balancing, montage, balancing, insulation of material, rims vulcanization, technical automobile maintenance, alloy wheels, gluing of tires, tires service, rims service, silencers service, pipes bending, silencers/exhaust pipes, exhaust repairs, suspension repairs, ...
Zarasų g. 5 (Senamiestis), 01205 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52153386
Garliavos pl. 53, Naugardiškės k., 53272 Kauno r. (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37393453
Garliavos pl. 55, Naugardiškės k., 53273 Kauno r.
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Phone (+370) 37392609
T. Masiulio g. 18C (Petrašiūnai), 52460 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 68311466
J. Jasinskio g. 14 (Naujamiestis), 01112 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52138384
Savanorių pr. 339C (Eiguliai), 50120 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37314025
Gamyklos g. 31K, 89110 Mažeikiai
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 68014114
Žirmūnų g. 141A (Žirmūnai), 09128 Vilnius (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52788953
garage, sale of automotive parts, wheels geometry, gather, montage of tires, balancing, light control, stand for brakes, engine, chassis, gearboxes, exhaust repairs, replacement of oils, of starters, clutches, generator repairs, repair of engine heads, replacement of engine belt, MUTLU batteries, tires, CENTRA, VARTA, PERPETUUM MOBILE, DELPHI, oil, oils, shock absorbers, KAYABA MONROE, SACHS, GABRIEL, BILSTEIN COFAR, of cooling systems parts, radiators, filters, thermostats, ...
Ateities pl. 30B, 52106 Kaunas
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Phone (+370) 68111437
J. Kubiliaus g. 23 (Žirmūnai), 01001 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52789444
ARECA, BILSTEIN, KRONER, SWAG, SNR, COFAP, CASTROL, ELF, TEXACO, CLEAN FILTERS, DAYCO, ATTEX, LPR, BANNER, BOSCH, MONBAT, MICHELIN, KLEBER, BF GOODRICH, KORMORAN, Riken, BARDAHL, WECCO, CHAMPION, PHILIPS, FLENNOR, FLOSSER, X-POWER, MOTOR PUSH, BANDO, SNR, MECARM, CS GERMANY, PILENGA, K&K, CHAMPION, auto parts, parts, spare parts, suspension parts, chassis parts, suspension, joints, levers, steering tie rods, Steering wheel nozzles, stabilisers, Stabiliser rods, drive rods, ...
Šilutės pl. 7, 91109 Klaipėda
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Phone (+370) 64022828
Geležinio Vilko g. 2 (Vilkpėde), 03150 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52388708
starters, generators, starter repairs, generator repairs, starters, generators for trucks, starters for trucks, auto parts, autogarages, garage, car garage services
P. Lukšio g. 18 (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 52779621
conditioner refill, repairs, computerized engine diagnostics, welding, engine, exhaust, chassis repairs, mounting of wheels, gather, radiator, fuel, repair and sale of fuel tanks, air conditioners
Metalo g. 13A (Naujininkai), 02190 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 52160357
BOSCH, car repair, engine repairs, repair of gearboxes, diagnostics, brake repairs, stand for brakes, mounting of wheels, wheels geometry, gather, exhaust repairs, suspensions, injection repair, garage, sales of spare parts, TUFOIL
Lakūnų g. 30 (Žirmūnai), 09108 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52741112
spare parts for lorries, retail trade, generators, anchors, windings, bendexes, brushes, relays controllers, attraction relays, rotors, electrical equipment parts, fuses, of minibuses, of trucks, of constructive technique, spec. techniques, generator repairs, diagnostic. Service, starter motor, generators, ancher, winding, bendex, relay controller, controller, attraction relay, magnet for attraction, plate of diodes, diodes bridge, stator, rotor, safeguard, bulb, generator ...
Butrimonių g. 9 (Dainava), 50220 Kaunas (Affiliates)
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Phone (+370) 37301180
Kalvarijų g. 125 (Žirmūnai), 08221 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 60814443
Galingas.lt has settled by assembling knowledge about information technology and attraction to automobiles.
Since 1998, after successful activities in different fields, we decided to associate our hobbies with work. We are not pioneers in this field, otherwise, Galingas.lt was first in Vilnius to offer high quality chip tuning services become affordable to average facility customer. Strong wish of perfection together with our customers remains every day.

Much more ...
Meistrų g. 13 (Naujininkai), 02189 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 67822864
brakes, brake failure, brake repair, brake repairs, repairs, technical support ont the road, brake center
Olimpiečių g. 3 (Žirmūnai), 09200 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 65561112
Ilgio g. 3, Naujosios Kietaviškės, 21412 Elektrėnų sav.
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 62788888
conditioner refill, car repair, mounting of wheels, balancing, transportation services, technical support ont the road
Panerių g. 52, įvažiavimas iš kiemo pusės, 03202 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 67470828
Elektrėnų g. 8, 44001 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37366810
Daugėliškio g. 32 (Šnipiškės), 09300 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52751595
Taikos pr. 135D, 51129 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37312904
car repair, repairs of electrical intallments, roadside assistance, repair of gearboxes, repair of body, services of auto electrician, technical support ont the road, transportation of automobiles, automobile transportation from place of accident, engine repairs, chassis repair, repair of manual gearboxes
Durpių g. 1 (Šnipiškės), 08217 Vilnius
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Phone (+370) 68968063
Dubysos g. 4 (Vilijampolė), 47178 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37261008
Pramonės g. 13A, 78137 Šiauliai (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 41540750
garage, automobile service in Šiauliai, auto service in Klaipėda, computerized engine diagnostics, diagnosis of automobile, change of oil, replacement of sealings, replacement of glands, filters replacement, engine repairs, replacement of acatalysts, parts, auto parts, new auto parts, sales of spare parts, KIA, car rental, repair of minibuses, car repair, repair of cars, KIA representatives, coolant change, clutch repairs, repair of manual gearboxes, chassis testing, chassis ...
Sietyno g. 8 (Karoliniškės), 04304 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52706668
Kalvarijų g. 53 (Šnipiškės), 09317 Vilnius (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52721575
Raudondvario pl. 234 (Vilijampolė), 47158 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37384667
service, garage, autogarages, of automobiles, repairs, automobiles inspection, automobile garage, automobile maintanace, electrical installment repair, of minibuses, toe-out, chassis, chasis, suspension, suspensions, brake, exhaust, electrical, electronic, control of lights, montage of tires, clutch replacement, brake, computerized diagnostics, car diagnosis, computerized automotive diagnostics, lighting, of systems, control of wheel geometry, of tires, montage, balancing, ...
Savanorių pr. 178F (Vilkpėde), 03154 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 69883972
Savanorių pr. 304A (Dainava), 49453 Kaunas (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37310456
Raudondvario pl. 101/ Brastos g. 9 (Vilijampolė), 44001 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37361732
technical observe, service, garage, diagnosis and repair, car repair, repair of minibuses, engines, engine repairs, engine repair, pump repair, pumps repair, diesel engine, diesel fuel pumps and fuel hardware computer diagnostics, COMMON, RAIL, computer diagnostics of ignition and fuel systems, chassis repair, chassis and suspension repair, repair of electrical part, electrical equipment repair, replacement of oils, oils, oil, oils, oil, change of oil, brakes, brake repairs, ...
P. Vileišio g. 18 (Antakalnis), 10306 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Map
Phone (+370) 52341749
Dubysos g. 64, 94107 Klaipėda
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Map
Phone (+370) 67025188
Europos pr. 71 (Aleksotas), 46333 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37390700
tire, tires, wheel rims, accumulators, mobile service, MICHELIN, KORMORAN, DUNLOP, FULDA, KLEBER, UNIROYAL, CONTINENTAL, MATADOR, BOSCH, VARTA, jenox, BF GOODRICH, repair of wheels, GOODYEAR, KENDA, mounting, balancing of wheels, cinecamera, BRIDGESTONE, FIRESTONE, MAK, RIAL, alutec, taurus, MITAS, BARUM, Deestone, vulcanization, tires regrooving, wipers, tires for trucks, tires for quads, tires for all-terrain vehicles, tires for motorcycles, tires for special machinery, ...
Drobės g. 37 (Šančiai), 45188 Kaunas
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 69927269
Taikos pr. 139A, 51131 Kaunas (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 37460460
Piliakalnio g. 13 (Pilaitė), 06229 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 60120007
P. Armino g. 79, 68126 Marijampolė (Affiliates)
Detailed information   |  Website   |  Map
Phone (+370) 65606969
Švitrigailos g. 10-24 (Naujamiestis), 03223 Vilnius
Detailed information   |  Email   |  Map
Phone (+370) 60609551

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