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Europoje pirma Smart Logistics System

01001 Vilnius

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Denisas Pašala
Tel. (+48) 673521485
Faks. (+48) 673525985
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All of TIMOCOM is united by a common vision for the future of logistics. We believe in a world without logistical challenges. We have therefore made it our mission to make logistics smart, safe and simple. We call this future: Augmented Logistics.

Augmented Logistics is also our promise. We understand it to mean an extension, reinforcement, enhancement and improvement in logistics. For our customers, this means that they can solve their logistical challenges with TIMOCOM in a smart, safe and simple manner.

The need for innovative solutions is what drives us; what has always driven us. In April 1997, freight forwarder Jens Thierman was searching for a pan-European procurement platform for transport jobs. But he could not find what he was looking for - so he decided to build it himself! The result was the TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH. After work and at weekends, the company began developing its own freight and vehicle exchange. What began as a bold idea back then has today turned into one of the most successful IT and data specialists for the European transport and logistics industry. In 2018, TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH changed their name to TIMOCOM GmbH.

As the pioneer and guide for European logistics networking, we are offering Europe’s first Smart Logistics System, with up to 750,000 loads and vehicle space offers uploaded and processed daily. Part of this system is our neutral network, containing more than 40,000 verified companies. This neutrality is an important advantage, as the transactions can be concluded directly between the contract partners.

As a result of our specialisation and internationality, we can boast about having over 490 employees from 34 nations working both at our German company headquarters in Erkrath, close to Düsseldorf, as well as at our of representative offices in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. The company founder Jens Thiermann is at the helm, working in cooperation with his son, Tim Thiermann, combining long standing management experience with new perspectives as the family run company moves forward. We are very proud of the company milestones reached at various points in our history: