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Gjensidige, Klaipėdos filialas, ADB

Taikos pr. 139, 94284 Klaipėda
(+370) 52721626
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(+370) 52721626

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4.3 km | Paryžiaus Komunos g. 25, Klaipėda
repair of body, repair of wheels, technical service, repairs, technical repair, spare parts, appurtenances, repair of cabin, tire repair, chassis repair, insurance services, repair of fuel tanks
136.5 km | Pramonės g. 13A, Šiauliai
garage, automobile service in Šiauliai, computerized engine diagnostics, diagnosis of automobile, change of oil, replacement of sealings, replacement of glands, filters replacement, engine repairs, replacement of acatalysts, parts, auto parts, new auto parts, sales of spare parts, KIA, car rental, repair of minibuses, car repair, repair of cars, KIA representatives, coolant change, clutch repairs, repair of manual gearboxes, chassis testing, chassis repair, transmission repair, brake system repairs, auto -electrician, electrician, installment of alarms, repair of conditioners, conditioner refill, cardan, repair of cardan, crosses, hanging bearings
Autobazė, UAB "Lutora"
137.1 km | Serbentų g. 220, Šiauliai
automobile service in Šiauliai, auto services in Šiauliai, auto -electrician, chassis repair, car repair, repair of car bodies, leasing, auto parts, accumulators, toe-out, check of chassis, brake inspection, used cars, new automobiles, machine painting, automobile painting, car body works, restoration of joints, rods restoration, repair of body, straightening of the body, montage of tires, tire balancing, replacement of oils, check of chassis, chassis repair, technical supervision, brake repairs, conditioner refill, comparison of body, car body works, automobile parts, accumulators, trade of automobiles, engine repairs, life insurance, property Insurance
186.8 km | Klaipėdos g. 1A, Marijampolė
insurance, KASKO insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, rent of limousines, limousines, driver's insurance, transport insurance, insurance of houses, insurance of flats, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, livestock insurance, farmers insurance, group insurance, wedding, VCA insurance, VCAP insurance, collecting insurance, automobile insurance, cattle insurance
Autoramiksas, UAB
194.8 km | Lakūnų pl. 73 (Aleksotas), Kaunas
NEXA AUTOCOLOR, Max Meyer, OMNILINE, TETROSYL, NORTON, HAMAC, COLAD, FESTOOL, PROTOOL, SATA, PROWEST, ASTHERM, 3M, automotive paint, automotive paint, paint for automobiles, putty, grounds, primer, hardeners, hardener, dissolvents, dissolvent, excipients, aerosol paints, aerosol paint cans filling, computer colors, choice of paints, sale, paint mixers, auto repair, car repair, painting of automobiles, repair of car bodies, body painting, straightening of the body, repair of body, car body works, painting of minibuses, painting works, body works, repair of car bodies, minibuses body repair, repair of small dents, automobiles preparation for painting, valuation of insurance events, painting of vehicles, reconstruction of geometry, restoration of automobiles geometry, automobile polishing, minibuses polishing, body works, parts painting, minibuses polishing, Kaunas, water paint, time, automotive paint, putty, grounds, hardeners, dissolvents, excipients, aerosol paints, aerosol paint cans filling, computer colors, choice of paints, sale, paint mixers, grinding, polishing materials, grinding discs, tapes, scrubbing paper, grinding, polishes, foam rubber sponges, masking tools, cleaning wipes, anti dust, Sealants, sealant, corrosion-resistant materials, rust binders, grinding discs, tapes, scrubbing paper, sanding paper, polishes, foam rubber sponges, paint spray guns, grinding, polishing machines, spray guns, dusters, air filters, automobile body repair tools, painting chamber, mounts, holders
196.5 km | A. Šociko g. 20, Kaunas
auto garage, car repair, auto repair, garage, tires, mounting of wheels, rims allignment, montage of tires, replacement of oils, chassis repair, suspension repairs, brake repairs, repair of automobile, tires change, balancing of wheels, technical supervision, shock absorber replacement, check of chassis, restoration of joints, clutch repairs, starter repairs, repair of generator, auto components, automobile parts, exhaust repairs, repair of silincer
Transtiros sunkvežimių servisas, UAB
271.5 km | Vilniaus g. 4, Grigiškių m., Vilniaus m. sav.
repair of goods traffic, heavy vehicle repair, repair after accidents, repair of buses, painting of buses, repair after accidents, repair of cabins, ironing of frames, ironing of frames and geometry reconstruction, control of wheel geometry, painting works, repair of minibuses, MB, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, RENAULT parts, used and new truck parts, repair of goods traffic, heavy vehicle repair, repair after accidents, repair of buses, painting of buses, repair after accidents, ironing of frames, repair after accidents, repair of goods traffic, repair of cargo automobiles, commercial vehicles, used lorries parts, repair of lorries, garage for lorries, cabins, buses, painting of buses, repair of buses, bus/coach parts